Clients Are SCARED

People change. Circumstances change. Tastes change. These make people nervous. People like your clients.

They wonder—

Should I be in crypto-currencies? Will Apple crash? Do I have the right retirement set-up? Will my wife and I need MORE MONEY? What if healthcare implodes? Amazon is going into financial advisory—and they’re hiring. Will my advisor be around when I need her?

Clients want to escape the unknown!

 What a Great Time to
Harvest New Clients

Before they leave clients struggle. Leaving a professional advisor is a dark and dangerous place. They question everything. Can I find anyone BETTER? Maybe advisors are all the same: What if I don’t like any of them? What if they won’t accept my account? What if they steal my money? 

Leaving an advisor is painful. Most clients have been with their current advisor for at least five years. Their dissatisfaction is embarrassing.  They feel stupid. They missed the error. They didn’t hear the exaggeration. Personal self-esteem is roughed up. It chokes some clients. It smarts. Face it—It’s personal.

Hear this simple truth…  

Clients Want Peace
And You Can Provide It

Step into the client’s world. News is NOISE. Everyone SCREAMS an opinion. AT THEM. Family members have their hands out.  MORE MOMMA! GIMME–PLEAAAAAASSSSE.

Our clients want what we want.

Everyone Wants to Stay, Get, or
Grow Rich With Peace of Mind

This is great news for you. Because filling client needs is the lifeblood of every client-based business. Our success confirms our capabilities.  Our success reassures the clients loyalty. Consistent and demonstrative results makes us their heroes. It ALSO gives you AND your clients PEACE OF MIND.

The Matrix Point 

The Free Matrix Point self-audit begins with a checklist. This checklist begins to identify your revenue gaps.  Your lost money.

Here is another more uncomfortable truth.

You cannot afford to talk to people that are not interested in what you have. But with copy that attracts only interested people, they will find you! THESE people will study what you are saying. Your revenue is boosted by converting THESE PEOPLE into clients. These transitions invigorate your referral stream, too. Why?

This approach is refreshing. They will tell everyone they know about you.    

Streamline Repeated Tasks

With Matrix Point you will now—

– Manage hesitant prospects
– Communicate by client (Digitally? By mail? Via a live person?)
– Spot a qualified prospect—that’s on page 4
– KNOW how to support each client
– Leverage the Pareto principle so you have more “20% ers”

Kickstart Problematic Relationships

⁃  Reignite MIA clients to get referrals
–  Acquire lifetime loyalty
⁃  Whisper the (one) word clients love (and need) to hear
⁃  Self-schedule meetings
–  Easily focus client decisions

Explode Your ‘Superstar’ Status

As a fellow professional who works with clients. I have worked with the highest of high-net clients—foundations and private wealth. Now I am offering this powerful checklist. It’s free for now. I developed it because clients are all different. It works by engaging clients in confidential and meaningful ways.

Your competition may be looking at this, too. (I cannot help that.)

I choose to hang on to my own peace of mind
so I am making this only available
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Still skeptical?

Do You Know—?

⁃  How strong copy attracts interested prospects? 

⁃  What situation best establishes trust with qualified prospects? 

⁃  Why autoresponders with definite personalized messages work ?

⁃  That experience-based content increases conversions 30% or more?

– How your clients prefer to connect? Letters, email campaigns,
speeches, webpages and white papers or personal calls?

Let’s find your Matrix Point
Over the next 30 days
You too will be welcoming a lifetime of highly satisfied clients

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